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Addition / Subtraction Flash Cards  
Addition / Subtraction Flash Cards

Contents:38 cards Addition/Subtraction.

Purpose: Math Fact Memorization Trough Visualization.

How To Use:

The student visually reviews the stories that were presented in the book, Read To Remember Math Facts MP 005.

The sum in addition becomes the minuend in subtraction. When the student covers up one of the digits, subtraction facts are reinforced by playing the "Who Is Missing Game?".

When to Use: Anytime and anywhere.
In the car to and from school.
At the student's desk.
At learning centers during the school day.
At bedtime.

Fun and Interesting. Elimantes boring rote work. Created visual characterization of an abstract symbol allowing for memorization and recall to take place at a faster pace. Yellow & red figures teach even and odd numbers (yellow-even, red-odd).
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Price: $8.95

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