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Research Shows that the Brain Thinks in Pictures, Not Symbols… Change the Symbols to Pictures and Watch the Brain Accelerate!

This quick and fun way to learn basic math facts uses mnemonic stories and pictorial associations making it easier for all learning styles including the dyslexic, the gifted, and the language-disordered student. Rote memorization is eliminated as super-learning occurs. Differentiated instructional materials guarantee math fact memorization is 300% faster. No Child Is Left Behind and No Child Is Denied The Right To Move Ahead!
The Midget Digit Math Fact Memorization Program:

Addresses the auditory learner with stories, alliteration and rhyme

Addresses the visual learner with pictures accompanied with a story

Addresses the kinesthetic learner with role playing and pencil puppets

Addresses the tactile learner with the tickle spots (touch/count) system

Addresses the language disordered students by use of characterizations

Addresses the gifted students with higher creativity and synthesis

*Incorporates numerous mnemonic systems: loci, keyword, and chain in one package

*Addresses the receptive, retentive and recall memory systems

*Contains multi-sensory approach to math fact memorization

* Based on whole-brain approach

*Includes activities for regrouping, borrowing, and long division.

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